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Our new Origins birth center has arrived and with a bang!  Our first day in we welcomed a sweet waterborn baby boy.  Little Noah was welcomed into the world in our eclectic vintage meets modern new birth room under gorgeous mood lighting in the beautiful round tub.  His mommy had a truly supernatural birth.  It was the perfect way for us to introduce the world to our new Origins home.


Our amazing birth photographer team Birth Unscripted with NHance Photography elegantly captured the priceless moments for us.   We feel so blessed to have such caring women apart of our Origins Birth & Wellness Collective.


The first baby welcomed into our grand second birthing suite was a beautiful baby girl born peacefully into the water.  Her mother demonstrated a perfect hypno-birth with her amazing doula Kathy O’Brien supporting her along with her chiropractor Pam Kendall and husband by her side.

RK birth pic 2


We’ve since been blessed to welcome several babies into the world here at Origins.  Our newest arrival was born to his first time parents after a calm labor two weeks before his due date.  Little 6.2lbs baby Benjamin was delivered into his mommy and daddy’s arms with the loving support of their doula Tonya Buffington.

KE herbal bath

We are so excited to welcome more babies into the world here at Origins!

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