Interview with the Midwives

Having your baby is a very personal experience! Choosing your midwife is just as personal. Get to know the midwives of Origins and their personal quirks.

Meet the New Origins Counselor

Origins is SO excited to welcome Serena Trimmier, LPC! She will be in our office on Fridays and is available by appointment. You can call the office at 817-562-2828 to schedule an appointment. […]

Heaven Sent Sleep

A newborn sleep class is coming to Origins! As an Origin’s mom myself, I love & appreciate the full spectrum of services our amazing midwives provide. It doesn’t stop with prenatal care […]

How to pack the Best Birth Bag the Origins way!

It won’t be too long until your little one makes their grand entrance into the world. One of the best ways to prepare for that day is by packing your birth bag(s).

Origins Birth and Wellness Dallas: Meet the Midwives

We are so excited to announce the opening of our new Origins location at 3100 Swiss Ave in Dallas!

Our New Origins Birth and Wellness Keller Midwives

Two new midwives are joining our Origins Birth and Wellness team in Keller! We'd like to introduce you to Justine and Roxanne.

Here We Grow Again! (Round Two)

Ever wish there was more than one Origins Birth Center? Well stay tuned to hear our exciting news….

Plan B: An Origins Midwife’s Story

As a mother who has had the perfect home water-birth experience myself, I never dreamed that my son would be born via cesarean delivery.

Postpartum Doulas: Origins Birth and Wellness Collective’s Perspective

Having a new baby, while being the most magical time in your life, can simultaneously be some of the most overwhelming times!