A Note to Baby Joseph

Your birth story began 9 days after your due date...

To Cut or Not To Cut

I have three sons. The first two are circumcised, the last is not. Here is how I came to my final decision NOT to circumcise.

Breastfeeding 101: The Early Days


Vitamin K Shot: Consent or Deny?

The Vitamin K injection is very controversial amongst midwives, doctors, nurses, childbirth educators, and doulas. Learn more here...

Origins Chiropractor

We are excited to introduce our newest chiropractor: Rachel Moore, DC

A Note from Mommy

It’s hard for me to know where to start? This journey really began the day I gave birth to my third child Paxton, four and a half years ago.

Fuel for Labor: Best Foods for Your Best Labor

Eating nourishing foods during labor, especially early labor, can provide the energy and strength necessary for the intensive physical work ahead of you.

Birth Day: New Origins Birth Center in Keller

Our new Origins birth center in Keller has arrived and with a bang!