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We are so excited to announce the newest member of our Origins team Dr Justin Carmichael, DC.  He is an incredible chiropractor and amazing husband and father.  We had the honor of caring for his wife through their first pregnancy and birth at Origins.

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Dr. Justin Carmichael has been guiding people to better health with chiropractic, nutrition, and exercise for the past six years. As a former athlete, he began practice focusing on treating the active population, namely active parents and their children. However, his true passion lies in helping expectant mothers and their growing families. Dr. Carmichael’s favorite experiences with chiropractic are when he was able to treat his own wife during her pregnancy and adjusting his daughter at just 4 hours old. His goals are to help an expectant mother’s body to function optimally while it is ever-changing over the course of her pregnancy, to help her reclaim her body and health during her postnatal period, and to provide wellness care to her new and growing family to ensure that their health can reach it’s full potential.

Dr. Carmichael’s journey into chiropractic began after suffering from multiple concussions from contact sports, leading to debilitating headaches. His life was changed after a series of chiropractic adjustments left him headache-free. Shortly after this experience, he changed his coursework from pre-physical therapy to pre-chiropractic and transferred to Logan College of Chiropractic the next semester. Since then, he has helped thousands of people regain their health with chiropractic. Being an Origins’ dad, he is excited to work alongside Gina and Kaitlyn to provide chiropractic and wellness care to Origins families!


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