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We are so excited to announce that Justine LeGrand, CPM, LM is officially joining our Origins Birth and Wellness team in Keller.  Albeit she is due to have a baby in July, 2018, she will be coming on as a part-time staff midwife when she comes back from maternity leave.  While Justine is off being a new mommy we have the honor of Roxanne Anderson, CPM, LM filling in for her.

Justine was born and raised in the DFW metroplex, but obtained her bachelor’s degree in Sociology with minors in Biology and Chemistry from the University of San Diego in California in 2011. She had the intention of applying to medical school when she was approached about an midwifery internship at an area birth center. She attended a few births and immediately knew that God had lead her on this path. She had the privileged of training under three experienced Midwives before she decided to follow Angela Friesen, CPM, LM to Origins Birth and Wellness Collective. At the end of 2015, she happily accepted the offer to become the first Origins student and complete her apprenticeship under the care of the three Origins midwives. “I always knew I belonged at Origins so I was not surprised when the opportunity presented itself”.
Justine and her husband, William,  are expecting their first child in July. Her pregnancy has allowed her to empathize with other women and understand pregnancy on a more personal level. The couple is very excited to meet their baby and Justine is thrilled to join the Origins team when she returns from maternity leave. Cross training with each Origins midwife and the length of her apprenticeship has allowed her to become the perfect mixture of Kaitlyn, Gina, and Angela. Justine believes in the human body, the power of informed choice, and the marriage of a holistic and medical approach to care. “You can not treat the physical without regard for the emotional and physical. All three are intertwined and perfectly dependent on each other. Each woman deserves individualized care and to be treated as a whole”.


Roxanne first became a midwife in 1989. During her training in the 1980s, she had the privilege of a traditional apprenticeship in Texas with many senior midwives who were pioneers in the state of Texas and the nation. Watching their intuitive and natural style of attending women based onyears of experience, she quickly developed her own faith in the ability of women to give birth. The confidence she gained at that time in the birthing process is still with her today.

After practicing as a midwife for several years she took a sabbatical from midwifery to focus on her family.  When she came back to midwifery she updated her clinical knowledge with local midwives and went to Senegal, West Africa and the Philippines to gain additional experience and attend the births necessary to complete her CPM (Certified Professional Midwife) requirements. She became licensed to practice again in Texas in 2011.

Roxanne has older children that she had the privilege of homeschooling- her two daughters K-12, and her youngest son will graduate from high school in 2019.  They all still live at home, and Roxanne spends most of her free time with them.  She also enjoys meeting friends for coffee, having guests over, taking walks and hanging out in book stores. She is a published author in three devotional books, and she blogs.









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