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Here at Origins Birth and Wellness Collective the midwives understand that having a new baby, while being the most magical time in your life, can simultaneously be some of the most overwhelming times! Don’t worry though…HELP IS OUT THERE

Often times when people think of a doula, they envision someone offering pregnancy and labor support during childbirth.  But did you know there is such thing as a Postpartum Doula!?  Not a lot of people know about this gem and amazing resource available.

Bringing home a new baby can be such an exciting and life changing experience for parents and other family members. It can also be a very vulnerable time in which parents need extra help and support transitioning to life with a newborn. There are new responsibilities, lifestyle changes, emotional adjustments, hormone changes, and so much more than brand-new (or even the most experienced!) parents anticipated. Did we mention the lack of sleep? Remember the study that said that 18-hours of being awake has the same effect on your decision-making abilities as someone who is legally drunk? And we don’t want you legally drunk on lack of sleep while you are trying to care for your new baby!


A postpartum doula helps you adjust to the different challenges and changes you may have with your new little one! The first few weeks postpartum can be the toughest and you shouldn’t be concerned about things such as doing light household chores or running errands. During this time it is best to focus your efforts on getting to know your baby.  It is the doula’s goal to nurture the mother by offering emotional and physical support to help with her recovery after birth and face this new transition in life with confidence.

Benefits of a postpartum doula:

*Gives mom a chance to nap, shower, eat or rest while the doula helps care for baby

*A nonjudgmental listening ear and extra set of helping hands

*Decreased risk of postpartum depression and mood disorders

*Education and support on coping skills, bonding and what to expect from a newborn to yield greater confidence

*Helps family get more rest and sleep

*Helpful for second time+ mothers who need help with caring for a newborn in addition to a toddler or other children

Even if you already have help from extended family and friends or even if this is not your first child, a postpartum doula can still be very beneficial.  Family is wonderful but sometimes it is easier to get help from an outside, objective professional. Many appreciate that postpartum doulas come with expertise and without judgment or opinions.

The services offered by postpartum doulas may vary per person but generally postpartum doulas perform most of the services listed below…

Services Include:Postpartum-Doula

*Continuous emotional and physical support after birth (observing your postpartum recovery, listening to your birth story, listening to any concerns/frustrations you may have)

*Education and support on infant care (feeding, comforting, bathing)

*Basic breastfeeding or supplementing support and tips (referral to lactation consultant if needed)

*Spend time with baby so mom/partner/family will have time to rest

*Light house work/household organization (dishes, laundry, tidying up)

*Run errands

*Overnight support (staying overnight and handling infant care through the night so parents can rest)

*Telephone, text and email contact as needed

*Referrals to other professionals as needed

Many women feel pressure to adjust quickly and easily to having a new baby in the home, however; the reality is that having a newborn isn’t only sunshine and roses!  Do not be afraid to reach out for help.  Every penny spent is sanity saved!  Hiring a postpartum doula can make an incredible gift for a new mother, whether it is her first or fifth precious baby.

For more information about Postpartum Doulas you can contact Keyana Richardson, CD(DTI) at Beautifully Created Birth Services.

If you or anyone you know who is struggling in the postpartum period that you are concerned about please call 1.800.422.2956 for help.  We also highly recommend Little Love Counseling!

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